Through deep and frequent collaboration with our clients, we create well-defined investment criteria for each individual's goals; this includes defining the desired property type, acceptable risk parameters and the appropriate return threshold. Using our vast and established network of real estate owners, developers and brokers, Bamboo sources investment opportunities that go beyond the regional norms.


We coordinate all due diligence required to make a fully informed decision with our clients. Given our financial investment banking and acquisition experience, our team is well positioned to offer clients experienced representation at the negotiating table and during the complex documentation process. We pride ourselves on providing all the services required from the underwriting process, through and including the close of each transaction.

Micro Opportunity Fund  Series


Bamboo Equity Partners focuses on office and industrial micro-assets with a purchase value between $1 and $10 million dollars. These assets are frequently overlooked by institutional real estate owners due to their smaller size and the uneducated mindset that these assets won’t provide a substantial enough cash-flow. This mindset is what Bamboo capitalizes on by focusing on the value-add portion of asset management. This aspect of real estate investing can offer attractive risk-adjusted returns due to

in-efficacious pricing.


Bamboo Equity Partners aligns its interests with the investors by making significant co-investment equity contributions alongside its investors. Keeping in line with this same philosophy, Bamboo structures senior Principals’ compensation to be reliant on the successful performance of the Bamboo Micro Opportunity Fund    series.

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Asset Management

Our team has extensive asset management expertise and takes a hands-on approach to monitoring all our assets. With all the details of each deal in front of us, we can make strategic, as well as tactical, recommendations to our clients. These calculated decisions enhance the economic return for our clients’ investment.


During each acquisition and disposition process, each asset is subject to a hold / sell analysis that is reviewed and adjusted annually. A property’s performance is actively monitored on a monthly and quarterly basis. This ongoing information provides the information needed to ensure returns are being achieved. The decision to hold or sell an asset takes into consideration numerous factors including: client objectives, asset sector dynamics, market / submarket status, anticipated capital requirements, and capital market conditions. Once the asset is ready for sale, our team of experts will prepare all documents for the marketing, sale and execution of a property.

Joint Ventures

We frequently partner with institutional and retail clients to form joint ventures in the acquisition and development of real estate. These joint venture relationships have included partnerships with individual owners, private developers, institutions and REITs. Bamboo is skilled in the complexities of being diligent with project capital and we’re humbled to have the trust of our clients to perform the range of services it takes to make a property an asset to their portfolio.


Keeping our extensive experience, size, and broad relationships in mind, Bamboo can deliver swift and creative solutions that provide a heavy emphasis on value-add real estate transactions. We stand committed to our partners and our investment objectives through dynamic economic cycles.