Future Returns Solidified Today

We are not speculators. We invest in assets well below their market and replacement values and don’t depend on market cycles. We only depend on identifying inefficiencies and our hard work.

Vertical Alignment

BEP utilizes its 40-person, multi-disciplined investment and operational platform to solve complex financial and operational challenges as well as create value through active restructuring, redevelopment and management of its investments.


Our business combines the benefits of a well-established partner and strong operating history with the creative and entrepreneurial perspective of a talented and nimble team. Our innovative spirit allows us to bring a unique prospective and skillset to serving like-minded organizations.

Our Strategy

Bamboo Micro Opportunity Fund  , II, LP will primarily invest in quality income-generating real estate investments focused in Midwest growth markets ranging from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000, targeting office and industrial properties.


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