Bamboo Equity Partners is a real estate investment and advisory firm that provides over four decades of experience in solving complex real estate challenges and opportunities for our investors. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Bamboo Equity Partners provides access and growth to our investment portfolio by combining a value-add approach with a healthy annual yield and long-term, stable cash flow. Bamboo provides access to investment opportunities that are ordinarily only available to high net worth individual and institutional investors; these stable, income-producing assets are an essential component of any successful investment portfolio.            


We Are

Bamboo Equity Partners is a fully integrated real estate investment and advisory firm founded in 2012. We specialize in acquiring and repositioning undervalued and mismanaged US real estate assets by utilizing our entrepreneurial and market value-add strategies. We offer investors over four decades of experience in solving complex real estate challenges with proven innovative and flexible solutions.

On behalf of our institutional and retail clients, we manage a diverse portfolio spanning multiple sectors of risk-return profiles. This ultimately provides our clients with a comprehensive investment solution for investing in real estate. The range of services we provide include:

  1. Acquisitions

  2. Financing

  3. Debt Restructuring

  4. Asset Management

  5. Disposition

  6. Accounting

  7. Property Management

  8. Leasing

  9. Legal, Tax and Audit Coordination

  10. Ownership Entity Structuring & Maintenance 

Our Philosophy

We attribute our success to the collaborative relationships we build with our clients and our vendors; this collaborative spirit is established by our aligning interests and being transparent in everything we accomplish. We co-invest on each acquisition with our clients and manage every aspect of the deal so our investors know they have a trusted partner working on their behalf each and every day. We understand that communication and setting expectations are the key to building a solid and fruitful foundation.

We believe in Power Law; it states that the relative change in one quantity results in a proportional relative change in another quantity, independent of the initial size of those respective quantities. Our take-away from this Law is that through our team’s vision, talent and expertise, we can create positive outcomes from the seemingly miniscule. Equally important is the bravery to take the first step into defying the conventional wisdom of those who don’t see the vision. This philosophy is our secret to achieving exceptional results for our clients and becoming a trusted advisor to many.



The Bamboo Equity Partners’ team has a diverse and robust background that spans various disciplines of real estate and finance. With the curated leadership of our team, we have been involved in over $16.5 billion worth of transactions in the office, retail, industrial, land and development spaces. We provide access to acquisitions, banking, dispositions, asset management, leasing and brokerage. With the help of our clients, we have acquired properties that range from long-term, single leased tenant buildings to large, multi-asset portfolios of operationally complex properties.